Dual Hall Effect Sensor with PNP output. M12 Connectíon


The HSDUAL-M12 sensor is a dual Hall Effect Sensor, normally used to measure magnets. Since it contains two Hall Effect Sensors inside and hense has two outputs, it is useful for measuring the direction of rotation, as well as speed.


The two sensing elements are chosen for the highest possible sensitivity. Combined with a placement only 1.4mm under the cover means that the magnets can be placed further away than other Hall Effect Sensors.

The Sensor has two PNP outputs but is also available with the following outputs

  • NPN
  • RS422
For high speed or long wires choose the RS422 interface


These sensors are used where encoders give up due to strong vibration or very dirty environments.
Rotational or linear movement of magnets.
Winch drum rotation on cranes.
Rollers in paper mills.

Datasheets and Synopsis

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Dual Hall Sensor PNP