Data logger & Monitoring unit for vertical drains


The DLMU-16B is a flexible solution for documenting installation of pre fabricated drains, which together with the windows software, enables fast and reliable report creations.

The DLMU-16B is a complete data logger, which does not require any other control boxes or PLCs. It has been designed for its reliability and durability in harsh conditions. Pull-out connectors on the back ensures the logger can easily be moved.


The DLMU-16B is integrated to the machine in its simplest form, by placing a type of encoder on the wire which propels the mandrel. The encoder senses the position of the mandrel relative to the ground. Adding a hydraulic pressure sensor enables data logging of the soil hardness, by measuring the hydraulic pressure, which is proportional to the force on the mandrel. The DLMU-16B can record the movement and pressure into log files, which can later be used to validate the work done and how the soil profile is.

The data logger has the following hardware functions

  • 2 x opto Isolated inputs
  • 3 x open collector outputs
  • 4 x analogue inputs
  • CAN bus 2.0A/B
  • USB Serial port
  • USB FLASH drive port


PVD installation.
Data logging of installed drains.

Datasheets and Support Software

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Please contact us to obtain a copy of the import utility, software updated for the DLMU-16B and our manual.