Data logger & Control unit with 3G/4G connectivity


The DLCU-1K is a flexible data logger with 3G/4G connectivity, CAN Bus and RS485.
I features a 7' LCD panel, a powerful ARM M8 processor and can be powered from 10-48V.
It runs on Linux and the software can be tailor made for logging data or controlling other machinery.

Contact us for more details, and to learn about how the DLCU-1K can be tailored to your needs.


The DLCU-1K is normally supplied with an external control box. This box features a separate high performance processor which does all the I/O and sampling work.

The DLCU-1K has the following hardware features

  • 1 x CAN bus 2.0A/B
  • 1 x USB Host
  • 1 x USB Device
  • 3G or 4G connection

The DLCU-1K external control box has the following hardware features

  • 2 x opto Isolated inputs
  • 4 x high power outputs
  • 3 x analogue mA inputs
  • 1 x CAN bus 2.0A/B
  • USB Serial port
  • 2 x RS485 busses
  • 1 x encoder input (RS422)
  • 2 x hall sensor input


Datasheets and Support Software

This contents has been removed due to the risk of abuse.
Please contact us to obtain a copy of our support software and for the DLCU-1K manual.


  • A2C-VOLT-M12
  • A2C-mA-M12
  • A2C-SG-M12
  • A2C-TRI-M12
  • HS-DUAL-M12